Asys Control & Automation Inc. is able to offer the following services to the marine industry:

Data Management

Refits and new construction for power generation, distribution, propulsion and automation systems for vessels

Data management systems Alarm and monitoring systems Ballast, bilge and strip automation systems Integrated propulsion and thruster controls Power management and load sharing subsystems Motor control centres Distribution panels Marine generator setting Vessel service transformers Drives, transformers and motors for compressors, pumps, elevators, winches, windlasses.

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Ship service

Design, calculation and manufacture of consoles and switchboards

Ship service and emergency low voltage switchboards Propulsion switchboards Engine control consoles Centre bridge control consoles Bridge wing control consoles Winch control consoles

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Redundant power supplies

Miscellaneous systems

AC and DC uninterruptible redundant power supplies Tank gauging system Telegraph system Upgrades by replacing the existing relay-based automation equipment with PLC based automation systems Fuel consumption optimization

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Engineering studies

Project services during the bidding period

Engineering studies Equipment selection Performance specification and definition of engineering deliverables Size, weight and interconnections for the proposed equipment Cost performance optimization by establishing the most suitable configuration of the power generation, distribution, propulsion and automation system Co-operation with the customer and vessel designer on engineering studies and calculations, systems arrangements

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Support activities

Troubleshooting for existing electrical equipment Technical assistance Troubleshooting and updating for ancient alarm systems Adjustment of different types of CPP systems System and equipment installation and interconnect supervision System and equipment commissioning and tests Preventive maintenance schedules

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